Starting My Blog

I first wanted to find a theme that fit me and one that I felt like represented me best. After a long time of searching I finally found a few that I liked. From there I looked into the few that I liked to see what my options were for each one. I wanted to see what I could change and what I could not change.


I choose Vintage Camera by Caroline Moore because it gave me the most options to be able to control and change things through out it.


Once I choose my theme design I went right in and started to design a header for my blog that I felt fit the theme and fit my style. So I like all these mustaches and hat images that seem to be really popular right now. So I used that idea but put my own spin on it by adding a suit and ear buds and some glasses. I really liked this because I felt like it represents who I am. I love to wear suits and look professional however I will always have a little bit of spunk and that what I felt like the ear buds represented in my mind.

Once I created my header I then uploaded it and found out from there you can randomize your header so I create a small series and plan on creating more throughout the quarter and my header will change every time you visit.

Here is a small sample of the ones I have created:

As you can see I have only changed the face and hat so it is a noticeable change however it still could go unnoticed which I like that feature and fell as this starts bringing my blog apart from others.


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